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Alpacas in Tennessee!
The Tennessee Alpaca Association is a group of enthusiastic alpaca owners who have joined together to help each other promote interest in and expand knowledge of the North American alpaca herd within Tennessee. (And of course, we all know that Tennessee is The Greatest State In The Land Of The Free. That's why we live here.)
As interest in the alpaca has grown, folks have come to recognize those long-necked creatures they see out grazing in the pasture. They are ALPACAS! Friendly, soft, warm and fuzzy, they are bearers of one of the finest natural fibers known to man. Originally from South America, alpacas can now be found in small herds all across the United States, and if you live in Tennessee, there is probably an alpaca farm right in your area.
We invite you to come and see alpacas for yourself. Search for a Tennessee alpaca farm near you by clicking on the Visit an Alpaca Farm button on this page. Make an appointment with the friendly folks you find there to meet these gentle, inquisitive animals first hand.

Raising Luxury-Fiber
Livestock for Fun and Profit.
This is what we do. This is what we know. This is what we'd love to tell you about. Please use this site as a starting point for alpaca information of all kinds. Whether it's for a first introduction to alpacas
or seeking a source for alpaca fiber and products or to get answers to specific alpaca questions on husbundry and care, this site can put you in touch with Tennessee alpaca owners who can give you the information you need. Use this site to learn about alpacas. Use this site to visit Tennessee alpacas. Or click on the "Ask an Alpaca Question" button to send an email to the entire Tennessee Alpaca Association membership and you'll find that folks will "volunteer" to write you back with helpful answers. Please feel free to join us in "Exploring the new frontier in luxury-fiber livestock" right here in Tennessee.
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