The Tennessee Affiliate of the Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association

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About the TAA
The Tennessee Alpaca Association is a group of alpaca owners who consider Tennessee their home. Made up of many small farms scattered across the state, the members of the TAA have joined together to help each other build a thriving and robust alpaca industry within the state of Tennessee and beyond. By focusing on our collective keen interest in these wonderful animals the members hope to continue to educate themselves and others on alpaca care and alpaca fiber production. It's all about the alpacas.

TAA Mission Statement
The mission of the Tennessee Alpaca Association:
"to promote and support the Alpaca Industry of Tennessee through providing educational or instructive activities to improve conditions of work, livestock, products, and efficiency, promoting university level research in support of the alpaca industry needs and facilitating communication among Alpaca owners."

TAA Board Members
Ruth Anne Gross, President (Two Root Alpacas)

Austin Carroll, Vice-President (Ruby's Bluff Farm)

Barbara Dickenson, Secretary (Apple Garden Farm)

Suzie Conn, Treasurer (Willow Creek Alpacas)

At Large Members
Austin Swain
Marcus Taz Skildum (West TN)
Michael Chissler (Mid TN)
David Rogers (East TN)

How to join the TAA
Follow three easy steps to become a member of the Tennessee Alpaca Association:
1. Download TAA Membership Application (Click here)
2. Print and fill out form by hand
3. Mail it in with a check, please
(Sorry, but we don't have online application or automatic payment methods at this time.)

How to contact the TAA
Please click the following link to send an email to the Tennessee Alpaca Association. Email will go directly to the President of the TAA:
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