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Alpaca Owners Association
AOA is the national organization for alpaca owners in the United States. The Tennessee Alpaca Association is an AOA regional affiliate. Lots of general alpaca information on this site.

Upcoming Alpaca Shows
There are alpaca shows all over the US throughout the year, though most occur in the Spring and Fall. Click here to find one near you. From the AOBA Show Division website.

Alpaca Registry Inc.
ARI manages the database that tracks all registered alpacas in the United States. Alpacas are registered via blood-type DNA analysis, which verifies parentage and checks lineage all the way back to the point of importation into the US. ARI members can access the database and seek information on individual alpacas.

Alpaca Academy
Educational website focusing exclusively on alpacas. This ARI-sponsored site provides a central location for alpaca information from many sources. LOTS of good alpaca information here, with particular emphasis on ARI and AOBA. The site will continue to evolve as additional information is added and updated over time.

VolunteerVet Newsletter
The University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine's semi-annual newsletters archived in .pdf format.

Alpacas In Mainstream Advertising: American Express Ad
(March, 2010) American Express OPEN is running a new ad nationwide that features alpacas as a central theme. A lawyer wanders through a field of alpacas while saying, "They're so cute, and they make these great sox!"

Alpacas on TV: The Today Show
This segment ran April 13, 2010 and features a Jane Pauley interview with the same Oregon alpaca owners who appear in the American Express ad above. (The ad isn't mentioned in the interview as it's not the point of the story.) Segment focuses on life-changing career realignment. Alpaca business is well-represented in a pleasing and accurate manner. It's a great story.

Alpacas on TV: Green Christmas
Here is a segment from the nationally televised holiday special A Green Christmas where alpacas were featured as an eco-friendly livestock and fiber industry. This was a syndicated show that ran in over 100 markets, including Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City from November 21, 2009 through January 4, 2010.

Alpacas in the News: WSJ
(10/3/08) Wall Street Journal front-page article describing alpacas as one investment that people are turning to in response to recent stock market dissappointments.

Alpacas in the News: CBS News
Online video from CBS Evening News describes an alpaca owner's choice to invest in alpacas as an alternative to the stock market. Originally broadcast 12/2/08.

AFCNA: How to Join
Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America welcomes all North American alpaca owners to join the Co-op and work together to build a sustainable and successful alpaca fiber industry.

AFCNA: Alpaca Products for Sale
Alpaca Fiber Cooperative of North America sells quality alpaca clothing and yarns made in the US from North American alpaca fiber grown on member's farms.

AlpacaStreet: The Alpaca Home Page
AlpacaStreet is a website FOR alpaca breeders and BY alpaca breeders. The goal of is to provide useful and timely information by putting breeders just a "click-or-two away" from everything in the alpaca world. A place to make your farm name known, advertise animals for sale, find a herdsire, or search for alpacas to purchase.

AlpacaStreet: Searchable Database
AlpacaStreet's search page for those seeking to purchase alpacas. Flexible searches by age, gender, heritage, bloodlines, color, location (state), price, and/or registration number.

AlpacaNation - Find Alpaca Information
AN is a centralized marketplace for the alpaca industry -- alpaca breeders, alpaca products and services. They provide access to the latest alpaca farming information, stimulating the growth of the global alpaca industry. Categories include: Alpacas For Sale, Alpaca Farms and Breeders, Alpaca Service Providers, Alpaca Products, and Alpaca Farming Information. Links to two of those AlpacaNation sites follow:

AlpacaNation - Alpacas For Sale
A good place to find alpacas that are for sale in Tennessee and all around the country. A searchable alpaca database is highly flexible and easy to use, making AlpacaNation an efficient way to see many alpacas in one place.

AlpacaNation Forums
A good source of shared information on many aspects of alpaca ownership. Helpful, often lively, open discussion of alpaca questions. Site is well moderated and folks are nice, so the vast majority of answers are caring and friendly. A great place to get answers to your alpaca questions.

Alpaca Social
A network for alpaca people to socialize, interact and learn. Includes discussion forums for alpaca people, by alpaca people. Interesting topics such as "Cria Corner", "Fleece", "Showing Your Alpaca", "Tips and Tricks", and the apparently popular "No good category, Post it here". Freewheeling discussion, helpful folks. You can browse through for insight into what alpaca people are thinking. Or jump in and join the fun. Just sign up (no cost) and ask away to get your alpaca questions answered.

Pick Tennessee Products: Alpacas
Link is to list of alpaca farms on the Pick Tennessee website. Run by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Pick Tennessee encourages the purchase of Tennessee-grown agricultural products. Their mission is simple: to increase farm income for Tennessee producers.

Tennessee Right To Farm Act
Since Tennessee is a right-to-farm state, Tennessee alpaca farmers have the law on their side should someone attempt to have their farm removed through government action. Burden of proof is on the complainer, not the farmer. Link is to text of the actual law.

Alpaca Research Foundation
The mission of the ARF is to encourage and support scientific research which benefits the North American alpaca industry, primarily in the areas of alpaca health, husbandry, genetics and fiber.

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